Hotel Gardesana: 1977-2010

The discovery of this spectacular “paesaggio lacustre” (lake scenery) for Mamma Elena and Papa Adriano goes back to 1968 and without any doubts, they move from their mountain village in the Val Brembana (BG) to Malcesine and quickly settle into a new life with lots of good will and determination. 1977 is the beginning of their wonderful experience of running the Hotel Gardesana situated in the centre of Malcesine. Whilst Mamma looks after the foreign guests with great joy, Papa Adriano takes the cable car and runs the Italian Ski School with enormous passion. The following years they bring up their children, Osvaldo, Carolina and Pietro with great love, the whole of the family collaborate in running the hotel.


The Monaci Family inaugurate their new activity, Gardesana Active Apartments where the children, even more determined and full of energy, welcome their guests in a contest of 360° including passion, sport and lots of entertainment… which Malcesine has the good fortune to offer.


Hi everyone, my name is Pietro, brother of Carolina and Osvaldo, I’m Ski Master and mountainbike guide, in my spare time I like to drive my favorite motorbike and freeride with mountain bikes. In the morning I am available to the Reception for informations, advice on sports activities and culinary goals. I wait for you to the “Biketour”!


I'm Carolina Monaci, Pietro's twin sister. Dad Adriano and our elder brother Osvaldo have transmitted to us the passion for the mountains since childhood: my passion for sports growth is the discipline of Nordic Walking. As a result, I became in 2009 Instructor. I also love running. Sport is part of my everyday life. The luck of living in Malcesine allows me to practice them every month of the year, from the lake to the mountains. The contact with nature helps me to feel good and appreciate the simplicity of life. For passion in 2014 I became an ultra-desert marathon runner challenging for the first time the largest desert in the world, the Sahara: a path of 111km no stop, arriving first at the finish line; in 2017 I crossed the Namibia desert 250km in stages, arriving second woman.

With the same route length at the end of September 2018 I challenged the Lut desert in Iran, the hottest in the world. It was a great test of performance and inner strength, arriving first at the finish line. I am the mother of Federico and Alessio: I passed on my passion for traveling and for outdoor sports. I like cooking, gardening and reading. We would have the opportunity to meet you during your stay at our apartments. The Active program will give me the opportunity to get to know you and introduce you to the traditions by following some easy paths. Always exciting will be the view of the lake and of the mountains that you will enjoy during this trip. I also wait for you at the welcome drink! Hello everybody, looking forward to meeting you very soon. Ciao Carolina


Hi, I’m Osvaldo, I am a ski instructor and Telemark In the summer I practice Kite surf and collaborate with my brother and sister at the Active Apartments.